Revolver California

Revolver California – New Rock super group conquers the world of music with an anti-terror anthem!

Revolver CaliforniaAfter the terrorist outrages of Paris the four masked rocker of Revolver California wrote an anti-terror song. Right now, this song touches millions of people all around the world.

The mysterious rock stars of Revolver California Dan Bogan, Clay Allison, Butch Slade und Doc Evans are the new celebrated heroes in the world of music. With their first single “Paris Branded Rock N’ Roll Hearts” they have proofed to not only have their heart in the right place, but also that they are exceptional musicians and songwriters.

What has begun as a secret project after a jam session, shall now lead to the zenith of rock music. “With our songs we want to inspire people and we want to make history with our band. But first, with our single “Paris Branded Rock N’ Roll Hearts” we want to set a sign against terrorism”, said the founder of the band and star designer Leon Verres in Los Angeles. "November 13, 2015 has been etched forever in our rock and roll hearts. With our song we want to honor our brothers and sisters who have paid their love and passion for rock and roll with their lives. Dan, Butch, Doc, Clay and I will do everything to ensure that these people will never be forgotten. Never ever. This song is our lifesaver in the ocean of pain!“



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